Girl Fight

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Check out Superhead STILL shouting out Weezy on her video diary. Not only is she going to have Weezy’s so called girl..the Destiny’s Child reject after her, but also Trina now. This chick annoys the hell out of me so I hope Trina does beat her down on South Beach. Still trying to figure out what these chicks actually see in Lil Wayne
to be honest but he obviously got something going on. He might just be one of the last dudes in the game to have not hit it when it comes to SuperHead though.


  1. OOOOOOOOOO.K…….. I don’t want to hear nothing bout this comment but TRUTH……little boy say he got allllllll this money right……..Why would a so called big money having kid want to be wearing another mans’ jewelry???? And let’s not beleive it when he say something like I bought these from the same jeweler or he let me rock these for the day……NAH homie those is Juelz Santana’s chains and you SWAGGER JACKING SWAGGER JACKING SWAGGER JACKING………Sooooooooooooo hard (NO PAUSE!!!! CAUSE I THINK YOU HOMO 4REAL) Get off home boy dick and get your own man……. Now we stylin’ like Dip Set huh????? That’s not even your scene son!!!!!! You O.k. on music but you claim to be that dude…….Nah doggy you from N.O. and you straight clowning on your own looking for another identity. NOT COOL!

  2. Y u hatein my dude niggas wear dey niggas shit all da time. dat shit aint nuthin new. STOP HATEIN HOMIE!!! u kno wayne’s dat nigga. he cant b fucked wit rite now he on a notha planet. YA DIG!!

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