Give The Drummer Some: 10 Producers You’d Wanna Work With

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The art to making a good Hip-Hop song is a very simple equation. Good lyrics plus a good beat equals perfection—or a “banger” as some might call it. This is a formula that has eluded many, and ultimately lead to their demise, in this “here today, gone tomorrow” industry.

But if you have what it takes to deliver from a verbal standpoint, there are a handful of beatsmiths out there that can more than guarantee their part of the bargain.

From radio hits, to club anthems, right down to the golden sound of yester-year; these chairmen of the boards know just how to bring life to what you put in between the paper’s lines.

Here’s a quick list of the ones you need to keep an eye on, once you get your album budget situation in order.