Glory Goes to Celtics

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      The Celtics  won their 17th title last night in Boston.  Capturing  by a 39 point lead 131-92  in  a  Game 6 victory over the Lakers. The 39-point gap was the largest winning margin in a clinching game in NBA Finals history. 

      Coach Rivers, barely a year after pulling into the dock with a 24-win team, stood with his arms crossed to the end. But his calm was finally washed away when Pierce came up from behind and doused him with a bucket of red Gatorade. The coach turned and hugged his captain.

      Kobe shot 7-for-22 for his 22 points.   The Lakers shot 42.2 percent, including a 23 percent second quarter.  L.A.  were outrebounded by a 48-29 margin and turned the ball over 19 times to the Celtics’ eight.


  1. I’m not a Celtics fan. I am however a league fan. I’m glad to see KG and Ray get a title. They both have been heavily criticized in their careers for being passive star players. In other words they were criticized for being team players and playing the game the right way. Congrats to Boston!

  2. I called this from the beginning of the season when boston first aquirred both KG and Ray then got Glen Davis. But im not Celtics fan niether. I just like Ray Allen. CONGRAT BOSTON

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