Gucci Mane Arrested Again

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This dude has been arrested so many times/gone to rehab/escaped who even knows anymore.  I get the distinct feeling he is going to unfortunately end up back in prison.  Sometimes the system can f*ck you over, but I get the vibe this is all Gucci’s fault.  According to Fox Atlanta:

  • DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County Police say Radric Davis, also known as Gucci Mane, was arrested by the DeKalb County Fugitive Squad Friday.Police say they arrested Davis on a warrant that stated he intentionally caused visible bodily harm to a female by pushing her out of a moving vehicle.

Updated with more hilarious details from the arrest.



  1. damn it's sad bitches can do dat 2 u if he were smart he shoulda jus stopt da car got her out & den kept movin & dont go bak 2 dealin wit her she pushed his buttons probly knowin he's a hothead & look it cost him i mean literally $ cuz dats y she did it in da 1st place but still he buggin knowin it's gonna b hard 4u2 get away wit it wen ur famous i mean u aint got 2pac $ or princess dianas 2 dissapear so chill cuz da government will da 1st chance dey get & remember da government uses females 2 suppress males wit dere own children as guinea piggz trust & take it 4me…!!!

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