Gucci Mane Leaves Warner Bros.

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Looks like it’s time for a clean start. 

Brick Squad’s head honcho, Gucci Mane is packing up the tent that he set up at Warner Bros., and moving over to 101 Distribution. The whole roster of OJ Da Juiceman, Chief Keef, Whoo Da Kid, and Frenchie are all headed with him as well.

Here’s what Mr. Davis had to say about the move:

“I’m thankful that we were able to part ways on good terms with [Warner],” said Gucci in a statement about the switch. “The music industry has changed so much and I just thought it was time to make the switch. The majors can’t move as fast as doing it independent. We’ve got the fan base and now we have full control over every decision.”

Hopefully it works out for everybody.