Updated: Gucci Sentenced To 12 Months For Parole Violation; Gucci Mane Speaks On Young Jeezy Beef With Miss Info & “My Own Worst Enemy”

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Update: It looks like Gucci Gucc was sentenced to 12 months in prison for a parole violation.  If he plays nice in the big house he could get out in 6 months.  Word on the street is that some failed drugs tests got him into this mess.  If Gucci is just going to rap about smoking weed, and taking pills then he might occasionally partake himself.  This sucks.  Gucci has no business being in jail at this particular point in his career.  He’s finally blowing up.  Whats will all these rappers getting locked up?  T.I., Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne & now Gucci.  Plus B.G. might be going in soon, after that gun case.

Gucci sits down with Miss Info to talk about his beef with Jeezy.  He’s kind of elusive about everything.  Saying that he doesn’t have “time” to deal with the Jeezy situation.  You kind of get the vibe that he would prefer to dead the beef from the song, and Info insinuates that as well, but Gucci says that he isn’t asking for a truce.  The thing that’s tricky abut this beef is that it isn’t just rap beef.

It started over business due to the fact that Gucci wouldn’t let Jeezy use “Icy” on Thug Motivation 101.  However, it quickly become very much a street beef when blood was spilled.  It has been alleged that Gucci was set up by a female associate of Jeezy’s CTE, and when some of the CTE associates arrived to “deal” with Gucci shots were fired, and one CTE associate was killed.  While Gucci and Jeezy have traded jabs before, Jeezy recently took a shot at Gucci and Brick Squad member OJ Da Juiceman on “23-24” as well as making a quick jab at Gucci on Rihanna’s “Go Hard” which Jeezy was featured on.  Gucci & OJ’s response to “23-24” was brief, and can be seen here.

As much as I think rap beef is retarded, I can honestly understand why both parties seem so adamant on not compromising on their stances.  I just hope it doesn’t get violent.  We’ll just have to see where this one goes.  Gucci’s The State vs Radric Davis hits stores Decemburrr 8th.



“My Own Worst Enemy”- Gucci Mane

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