Gucci Plans on Paying For His 20-Year High School Reunion

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Wizop is the most altruistic in the game.

In a world engorged with doubt, one absolute remains: Gucci Mane is the best. A multi-talented industry stalwart, Gucci is a revered influential hip-hop figure, celebrated one of the game’s best comebacks after his three-year bit, and continues to win overall–he recently signed a $10MM Atlantic Records deal. So, how does that Ice Cream cone tattoo bearer commemorate such a monetary victory? Pay for his high school’s 20-year reunion.

Graduating from Atlanta’s McNair, Gucci wants to rejoice with the class of ‘98 by sinking into nostalgia with his former classmates. In a tweet sent out yesterday morning, Guwop wrote, “This year marks my 20th year from graduating high school in 1998 I want to personally invite anybody who graduated from #McNair aka McNasty aka #BouldercrestHigh to v103 car and bike show to go with  me and also I want pay for our 20 yr reunion myself!”

Gucci has always been, and will always be, an altruistic man. Whether he’s paying for his class’ 20-year reunion, or signing kids to his 1017 label, Gucci is here for the people, and just wants to see everyone win.