Gucci Talks Two New Albums & New Young Jeezy Track

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Gucci recently did an interview with MTV, even though he’s locked up and discussed his upcoming album trilogy. The album next on deck is entitled The State Vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal and Gucci says the album is already recorded.

“I got an album coming out April 2010,” Gucci said. “It’s called The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal, Seventeen tracks. It’s already recorded, getting mixed and mastered as we speak.

Gucci also discussed his next project the final part to his trilogy which is entitled The State Vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict, which he plans to get started on when he gets out.

“I’m dropping a trilogy with The State vs. Radric Davis. When I get out, I’ll be working on the third part to the trilogy. The final [will be called] The State vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict. That’ll be [in stores] December of 2010.”

Gucci also recently squashed his beef with Jeezy and plans to release a new track together sometime next month. The track is the remix to Gucci’s “Heavy” and features a verse from Jeezy. Gucci says regarding the song:

“We already recorded two songs. One song was the ‘Trap or Die 2’ remix — I jumped on there for him and he did a verse for my song ‘Heavy’ with Shawty Redd on the beat. We just haven’t released it yet.”

You got to respect Gucci, even though he’s locked up, he’s still managing to get out there and promote himself and maintain his hype.