Guess How Much Kanye’s New Chain Cost?

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While T-Pain is copping homo-erotic jewelry, It’s looking like Kanye dropped 300K on this huge gold piece he was rocking at the BET awards.  As unnecessary as all this jewelry is, if I was making all that money I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing.  Plus I like how he went with the gold instead of diamonds.  According to Woooha:

  • Jeweler to the stars Jacob the Jeweler confirms that Kanye West bought his new Horus chain for a nice $300K. Jacob created the custom-made link chain depicting Egyptian god Horus, as well as a four-finger pyramid ring, for Kanye’s comeback performance during the BET Awards last weekend. Both the chain and ring are made of 24k yellow gold. Maybe the special Egyptian powers of Horus will help Kanye actually launch that Pastelle clothing line

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