Has Twista Been Dropped?, Diddy Pissed off Rosie

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Has Twista Been Dropped?

      Word in the corridors of Atlantic Records is that Chicago MC Twista has been dropped from the label. I mean his Adrenaline Rush 2007 hasn’t really done what people expected..but on the real does anyone do the numbers labels expect nowadays?

Diddy Pissed Off Rosie

      He might have a friend in Jay but word is he has an enemy in Rosie O Donnell who lives close by when the two hit up Miami. A party last weekend allegedly had Rosie call the cops and fireworks were going off for hours and Rosie just wasn’t having it AT ALL. But its like come on..where is your sense of fun ma? Diddy and his parties man…wonder if he will still be throwing them when he is old and grey?? Yup and I bet he will be still drinking that Ciroc Vodka he is the face of now.


  1. Twista was’nt properly promoted mand furtermore. Radio dont play shit because it’s about payola.

    And that hurts the industry when it comes down to the big fish eating the little fish.
    didnt even know Twista was releasing a new album. However we knew about him faturing on Jamie Fox’s last joint though hah? See what I mean?

    If no one ever gets to know about whats available for sale.
    How do we buy?

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