Havoc Calls TI a Dick Head

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Yeah looks like Havoc is a lil mad with the south right now and TI. He was running his mouth on Whoo Kids show the other day about how ‘TI needs to get off his own d**k’..wonder what has Havoc talking shit right now about TIP. Mad because Tip sells units? He has a thing for Tiny? Mad because Tip appeared on the One Blood remix? Pissed because Tip played is boy Yayo at some award show when he was working the crowd?  Well whatever, the lil man is mad at Tip bout something.


  1. I dunno i been bangin Mobb for years but T.I. that nicca i gotta feelin this shit finta spill out into the streets South Niggas aint no Pussies believe that slick

  2. who gives a fuck about the south? most of there shit is wack. wanna be d boyz. no limit was the best thing out of the south lol.. ughh nah nah nah. fucking bamas just started wearing shoes on there feet.

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