HEALTH ALERT: 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Have An STD

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  1. You can’t believe all that stuff they tell us. Look at Magic Johnson, he is suppose to be dead by now. He ain’t even sick yet. Ain’t nothing wrong with him. All the people I know gettin they freak on, I don’t know anybody with AIDS!!

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  2. Thats really interesting how they are saying black women have more STD’S than white women. Thats bullshit. If alot of the black women are going to the free clinic then of course the number of black women will be higher than white women. White people are fucking nasty so I dont believe the stats at all. That shit aint true. Magic Johnson never had AIDS….He was paid very good money to say he had it to make the black community aware. Notice how his wife has never got AIDS from him. Condoms are only 75% at most. Wake up black people

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