Hiero’s Casual Goes Rap-Rock Route

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Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      You may have thought that Casual was on a milk carton somewhere but the Hieroglyphics emcee has been hustling hard the last couple of years with albums Smash Rockwell and The Champion. But the album more people maybe checking for is a collaboration project with Casual and rock-pop band Maroon 5, slated to drop sometime this summer.

      "We hit it off right away, and the next day, on a lark, I sat in with them during their sound check,” Casual said about meeting the band at last year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival. “I knew all of their hits because I had been listening to them on my tour bus, so I freestyled over a few of their tracks and it sounded amazing.”

      The rapper and the band kept in touch and emailed tracks back and forth and agreed to put together a “summertime party album”. For those unfamiliar, the lead singer of the band, Adam Levine, appeared on the Kanye West track, “Heard Em Say,” from the Late Registration album. Nothing from the Casual/Maroon 5 project is available yet, but Casual did offer some MP3s of him freestyling over the Maroon 5 hits “This Love”