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Lil Wayne might have sold the most albums in America last year and Kanye and TI both did ok with their albums, but not one of those three have hit the Top Five Global Albums of 2008, in fact Hip-Hop is nowhere to be found on the list. Compiled by Chart Firm which collects data from over 34 official markets which include America, UK, France, Germany, Australia etc and also gathers info from countries such as China and Russia where no sales tracking is actually in place, the top five albums last year when it comes to sales are

1) Coldplay – Viva La Vida 6.8 million
2) Amy Winehouse – Back to Black 5.1 million
3) AC/DC – Black Ice 5 million
4) Duffy – Rockferry 4.5 million
5) Leona Lewis – Spirit 4.3 million
Hard to believe that Amy is still selling units like that even though the album was released in 2006, but see what 5 Grammys can done for you. I am almost certain that next year we can expect to see Hip-Hop on there if Interscope finally release their triple threat, Curtis, Dre and Eminem. So let’s see what the year brings, but perhaps all of these artists need to start tapping into the global market as opposed to just the Kanye’s and the Jiggas and the 50’s etc and looking beyond the US to make their money as sales in the UK were up over 10% this Christmas when it came to CDs as opposed to last year.


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