Hip-Hop Lives—UGK Score Their First No.1

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By: Rizoh

      UGK (Bun B and Pimp C) have finally scored their first ever No.1 album. The duo’s latest opus, Underground Kingz sold 160,000 (Nielsen SoundScan) units in the United States to top the chart ahead of Plies, who came in at No.2. The album’s success was fueled by the popularity of UGK’s monstrous collaboration with OutKast, “International Players Anthem.”


The group’s last album, 2001’s Dirty Money, debuted at No. 18 with 98,000.


  1. It’s about time.
    and whoever gbonkolenken is
    Don’t know what the fuck he talking bout cause the word you are looking for is DON and not the early part of the morning stupid. I grew up listening to these dudes and just from that statement I know that you don’t know what good rap is because everybody that knows these cats history knows that BunB is the Alpha and Pimp the follow up ya dig.
    Yeah they make one group but BunB is the HNIC on the lyrics pimpin.
    So before you get on here and say stupid shit, do some research first. And that goes for anybody else that follows in his footsteps, just do your research.

  2. yea,gbonkolenken has no idea what he is alking about. UGK is long overdue for this, and they deserve it. All the way from tell me something good to pocket full of stones to Murder (greatest rap verse ever by Bun B), to Let me see it , to all the Guest spots, to the FREE PIMP C Movement to now.. STAY TRILL BROTHERS

  3. 4 real these niggaz a group sum time C get off sum time B get off but both of theses nigaz go hard so fuck it corny ass niga up top that said that bullshit can eat a dick cause real recognize real bitch get wit it or kill yo self stay trill southside

  4. Dis nigga at da top is a young ignorant azz nigga.He was a lil one,when U.G.K.was doen their thang.These cats were sellen millions of copies underground since 92.Both R lyrical hands down.BIG BUN BEATER can freestyle wit the best of the EASTCOAST and may be the tightest in the game right now.Don’t speak unless u know the biz!

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