HipHop Exclusive Interview: K-Salaam Talks With Reflection Eternal About The Origins Of The Group (Pt. 2 Of The Lost Interview)

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Says K:

  • K-Salaam originally did this interview with Reflection Eternal for over a year and a half ago. But the tapes were lost. Now we bring you this lost interview.

In Part 2 of the K-Salaam’s interview with K-Salaam they dive more into the early stages of the group.  How a rapper from NYC and a producer from Cincinnati came together to create Reflection Eternal.  The dynamics of their relationship.  The struggles, preconceptions of their music, and how they overcame those obstacles are also touched on.  This is a dope in depth look of how Reflection Eternal became the Reflection Eternal we know today.  Revolutions Per Minute in stores now.

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