Hot Or Not?

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Tight-Baggy jeans by Soulful Commandoe




  1. I don’t see how any female can walk down the street w any brotha with his pants off his azz. He can’t even protect her, let alone himself in that vunerable state. If he get snuffed off guard, the fraction of the time it takes for him 2 pull up his pants 2 scrap may be too late. He could then be laid out face down azz up for all the homos 2 have ez access. Thatz a wack wht boy style anyway.

  2. Everyone sayin they ain’t wearin’ them…. That’s jus like when it was considered gay to wear earings in both ears, now it’s common. One day that’s gon’ be hot,hopefully 50 yrs. from now, LOL.

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