How The Internet Has Crippled The Music Industry (Infographic)

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An interesting infographic posted on Mashable today has shed some light on the Internet and its crippling effect on the music industry we’ve come to know.

The infographic gives specific information on the decline of the record store, stating that between 2000 and 2010, record store sales have decreased  by a whopping 76 percent. In the last decade, hundreds of record stores across the world have shut down including Tower Records, who shut down all of their 89 stores in the United States back in 2006.

As of January 2012, digital record sales accounted for more than half of all music sales, finally outselling physical music. With iTunes, iPods, and now Spotify changing the way we listen to music, CDs just aren’t a hot commodity anymore. Interestingly enough, vinyl records have seen an increase in sales with a 10% this year alone.

To see more observations check out the full infographic below: