I Feel Bad For Hell Rell…

12 years ago view-show 723,591

I kind of feel bad for this guy.  He was always hilarious, and he is starting to seem pretty desperate.  DJ Self catches up with him and asks him why his name hasn’t been brought up along with characters such as JR Writer & 40 Cal in discussions regarding Dipset.  Hell Rell tries to pretend like it’s just DJ’s being careless in not stating all the facts.  Then how come you guys aren’t invited to the reunion photo shoot, on the records, or part of the record deal Hell Rell?  I mean to add insult to injury they are allowing Freekey to be involved in the process, and that guy is completley useless.  Looks like Ruger Rell is being left at the alter.  Ironically I tweeted about this last week.  The good news for Rell is that he is a self proclaimed “walking kilo” so he can always just sell some drugs.




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