Ice Cube Bringing Good ToThe Hood

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Ice Cube and A&E have announced a deal that will bring a pilot of a proposed reality series to the channel. The show, “Good in the Hood”, will focus on redemption and reformation and will be produced and hosted by Ice Cube. The hour-long series will feature reformed gang members, drug dealers and thieves reaching out to family, friends and sometimes strangers actively living the life that they used to and help them turn their lives around and away from the street.

      "This show is a way to demonstrate what is going on in a positive way in the urban community,” Cube said in a statement.

      There’s no word that if the show is accepted by A&E when it will air. Cube’s previous TV show, “Black White”, had a white family pose as a black family and a black family pose as a white family to see the difference the color of one’s skin makes in one’s treatment in society.


    any one with 50 million dollars steals my idea first. Watch this bitches. Im gonna do a reality suburb show in the woods with the bill struggle and the survival of New England weather and what not what an action packed hit. I got the best reality show. EVER….

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