If A Person Can’t Remember Where They Put Their Gun…Should They Have One In The First Place?

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First Petey Pablo got caught with a gun he ‘forgot” was in his bag, and now MempHitz the due who married Lil Wayne’s first baby momma did the same thing.  These people are idiots, and incidents like this just prove that they should not have guns in the first place.  According to the most legitimate media entity on the web, Bossip:

Record exec-turned-reality tv star Mickey “Memphitz” Wright was arrested this morning after attempting to go through Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport with a fully loaded .40 caliber weapon. The weapon was found in his luggage during a routine security check as Memphitz and Toya prepared to board a flight to Indiana.

Memphitz claims that he forgot the gun was in his suitcase and had not intended on bringing the gun, which also had a bullet in the chamber, through the airport.

He was arrested by the Atlanta Airport Division of the Clayton County Sheriff’s office and was booked at the Sheriff’s jail at 11:56 this morning. He is currently being held at the jail on the single charge of carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location. His bail amount has yet to be specified.