iHipHop Exclusive Joint: CurT@!n$ “Itz Alright”/ NYC Rap Scene Rant

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So about 6 months ago I attempted to create a compilation album of independent hip-hop artists.  Basically CurT@!n$ and Big K.R.I.T. were the only artists that didn’t give me sh*tty throw away rap music so shouts to them for that.  I didn’t feel like forcing out some mediocre project just for the sake of it so I deaded it.  However one good thing that did come out of the attempt was this song.

In my humble opinion the NYC rap scene is super weak sauce right now.  There is no originality.  It just seems like the majority of new artists from NYC are just trying to sound like the rappers they grew up with and to be honest I expect more from them.  New York doesn’t need a new MC.  NYC needs a new sound!  So that when you hear a record even if you don’t know who the artist is, you know that they are from NY.  Southern artists have been doing this for the past 5-7 years.

So in a baby step of an attempt to remedy this problem I linked CurT@!n$ with one of my day 1 NYC homies DJ Nebulla.  When I first came to New York, Nebulla put me onto the whole dub-step scene.  It was a world that kind of dumbfounded me.  The genre of music is a bastard child of the UK Drum and Bass scene, and I have never gone to shows with such an undefinable fan base.  I’m not gunna sit here and say dub-step based production is the future of hip-hop in NYC.  What I am saying is experimenting with different types music like this will inevitably lead us to the promise land.  So without further ado…


I could tell your type by just looking at your bag/ I can tell you wit it by just looking at your glass/ I just let her wet the willy then I tell her call a cab

CurT@!n$ “Itz Alright” (prod. Nebulla & Lenny Dee)


Sidebar: Big shouts to CurT@!n$ for f*cking with me and my vision regardless if it was executed, and for generally not being a pussy and killing this joint.  I encourage all girls to sleep with him merely for what he represents.