iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Marco Polo & Torae Are One Rapper + One Producer = Double Barrel

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So I got the chance to chop it up Marco Polo & Torae.  I like them for a multitude of reasons.  They make dope boom bap rap that doesn’t sound dated, they created a hip-hop album the way they’re supposed to be made, and they also happen to be good people.  One of my biggest problems with hip-hop these days is the way albums are created.

Now it’s get 3 “hot” tracks from big name producers, sell some ringtones, and have the rest of the album be throwaways.  That’s where Marco Polo & Torae come in.

Marco Polo produced and DEVELOPED the whole album with Torae.  That way they created a project that you listen to all the way through.  They also talk about how they only worked with artists who wanted to work with them.  That way their features aren’t for money or due to politics, but because the artists actually want to be a part of it.  Just creating an all around dope project.

Serge previously did a write up interview with them so be sure to check that out here.  Also be sure to check out his review of the album here.

Most importantly I need you guys to buy the album here.  These dudes are just doing in on an indie (Duck Down).  They aren’t trying to buy a chain or a Benz.  They’re trying to pay rent doing something respectable, and you can’t knock that.  The only way music like this will continue to be made if artists feel like there is a demand for it.  Still not convinced you should buy it?  Allow me to give you some reasons.

“But Wait”“Party Crashers” , “Hold Up” ft Masta Ace & Sean Price, “Combat Drills” , & one of my favorite cuts that is just a freestyle and didn’t even make the album “Insane”.  Do you still not think you should cop it?