iHipHop Staff Picks Week Of 4/30/2012

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Serge Fleury: My picks of the week are coming from Jadakiss’ new mixtape, Consignment. The track Paper Tags” with Wale, Styles P, and French Montana. At first I didn’t think Wale would fit with the native New Yorkers, but he proved me wrong; especially over the Jahlil Beats-produced track.

Jadakiss “Paper Tags” ft Styles P, Wale & French Montana (prod Jahlil Beats)


jGerson: The last 7 days have been a blur, but in the midst of all the chaos there are a few new tracks that stand out.  I was really feeling the psychedelic mess known as The Odditorium EP by Gangrene.  The Alchemist and Oh No take a sharp left turn on the path of production that they’ve come to be known for when producing for the likes of Jadakiss, Raekwon, and Mobb Deep, and delve into subterranean territory with bizarre beats and equally bizarre rhymes.  The title track is easily my favorite cut on the EP and ALC drops a gem of a verse on it.  Aside from Gangrene, I’m truly enjoying Slaughterhouse’s latest single.  “My Life” is so solid because the group doesn’t compromise their style or lyrical complexity and Cee-Lo does his thing by delivering catchy hook.  By the way, one song that is definitely not my pick is the latest Goodie Mob Cee-Lo track “Fight To Win.”  I don’t want to say that it’s disrespectful to Gipp, Khujo, and T-Mo but it’s basically like calling a Big Boi track an Outkast song even though Andre never touches the mic.  At least these guys are getting some shine, if not only from the glow emerging from Mr. Green’s bald head.

In non-music news, Justin Moore from North Carolina made my week by making one of the most newsworthy viral clips in a minute.  In case you missed it, Moore interrupted a live news broadcast in Myrtle Beach and made history by declaring that he is indeed “that n*gga.”  The slew of charges that Moore is facing is absolutely absurd to me.  If anything Ashley Taylor, the reporter, should thank Moore for giving people worldwide a reason to actually care about her b-rate local news report.  On a side note, shout out to Brian McKnight who’s working on his first-ever “adult mixtape.”  Check out  a preview of the ‘tapes first cut, “If You’re Ready To Learn.”  All you ladies out there, Brian’s going to show you how that thang works.  Get this –  N.O.R.E. is jumping on the official remix of the track, too (see below).

Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) “The Odditorium”

Slaughterhouse “My Life” ft Cee-Lo Green


Euro_Perez: Like jGerson said, “Daughters” has to be a pick of the week.  I’m digging the realness of Nas’ situation and the fact that he did the song over a 90s type of beat.  There’s a lot going outside of music that I’m feeling this week.  To me, New Girl might be the funniest new show on primetime TV.  I know what you’re thinking – “New Girl?  WTF?”  But man, that show is comedy.  It’s 3 dudes rooming with a hot girl and they’re all just bugging out with each other.  Plus she got a dope a$$ girlfriend.  I also caught Cabin In The Woods which as surprisingly good.  Cabin is not your regular slasher type film.  It has a comical twist to it which makes it solid, plus it actually has a good premise as well.  It had a depressing a$$ ending though.  Peep the trailer below.

Nas “Daughters” (prod No I.D.)


J Harmony: Let me start off by asking, where in the world is that Chief Keef remix!?

The highlight of this past week for me was watching the new Bob Marley documentary, Marley. Directed by Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald, Marley gives us an unmatched look into the life of the reggae legend, providing viewers with never-before-seen footage, unreleased music, and interviews with some of Bob’s closest friends and family. You can watch the movie in theaters or by rent it on iTunes/Facebook.

Also worth noting was the release of Asaad’s latest mixtape, WHITE. As the project shows, he’s very well on his way.

Asaad “Flex Bomb”

Asaad “Rolex in the Collection Plate”


The Distribution Guys: The guys over on the distribution side asked us to throw this in.  People are still outraged over the Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial.  In fact consumers were so up in arms that Burger King had to actually pull the ad from TV.  The bottom line is this commercial isn’t racist, it’s just plain stupid. It’s an absolute blunder on behalf of Mary J Blige to be part of a production that’s so creatively bankrupt.  This is why artists need managers.  Will Mary be able to recover?  Who knows.  Let us know what you think.