“I’m Definitely Having More Sex Than The Average Man. Yes, Two Or Three Women A Night”

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This exactly why Cee-Lo is a member of the #CircleOfBosses.  Just out there making dope neo-soul records and getting boy band a$$.  Really the only way to do it.  According to The Sun:

  • The singer’s been putting it about like a footballer in Chinawhite since Forget You became a worldwide hit.

    Cee Lo, said: “I’m definitely having more sex than the average man. Yes, two or three women a night, trust me.

    “The other day I slept with two women – not at the same time – because I was at home and they missed me.

    “But you know, these are my friends, we missed each other.

    “So I just want to give joy and good tidings, that’s what it’s all about.”

    Like many notorious shaggers, he is happy to share the love – and the details.

    He added: “The Lady Killer has got all the girls in a frenzy. Everybody wants to know what’s up with the big man.”

    At least Cee Lo, who releases single Bright Lights Bigger City on April 11, is honest enough to admit girls find him more attractive since he became famous.

    He said: “It seems that way but it makes sense because I’m a great guy – I’m charming, I’m funny, I’m sexually potent.”