INSANE: Strippers Protesting A Church!!! (Vid)

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According to the BBC Several Ohio strippers are protesting outside a church whose members want to put their strip club out of business.

The bikini-clad dancers are picketing a congregation that has photographed customers’ number plates and asked if their wives know where they are.

The Fox Hole club’s owner has told the pastor he will call off his protest if the church ceases its demonstrations.

But the pastor has refused, saying, “as a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil”.

“Light and darkness cannot exist together,”
Pastor Bill Dunfee told the Associated Press news agency, “so the Fox Hole has got to go.”

The strippers have been sitting in deckchairs outside New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw, Ohio, during Sunday services.

Honestly I feel like they are in a legal business and the church is basically trying to bully them. I don`t think protesting outside the church will work but I bet the passerby’s don’t mind seeing it!