9th Wonder Gets A Documentary…

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I got word LRG created a documentary chronicling 9th Wonder and it compelled me to put all his achievements into perspective. The trailer, with it’s bevy of 9th Wonder beats, made me hearken back to the days when I was a full blown 9th Wonder and Little Brother stan supporter. Internet rap was so simple then what with North Carolina’s scene, of all places, running things.

It’s easy to see he’s influenced plenty of rappers and producers: past and present. However it’s pretty remarkable to comprehend how much of his success started from downloading Fruity Loops. The trailer may seem unbridled since he’s not a huge name in the industry. Yet, all things considered, developing a film based on his effect on rap music is warranted. Dude came a long way from being an Okayplayer regular so I’ll keep an eye out for this documentary’s release.