Is Blur The New Mario Kart?

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In a month full of stellar games it’s easy to forget about a game or two, just make sure that game isn’t Blur. Blur is an arcade styled racing game from England’s own Bizarre Creations; the same guys who brought us Project Gotham racing a few years back. This is Bizare’s first crack at the arcade side of racing games and I must say they did a great job. Right of the bat, Blur feels very similar to Mario Kart, with race tracks with multiple routes and multitudes of power ups. The single player mode takes about six hours to polish off and is pretty difficult even for the experienced gamer. You can be in first place and with one power-up the A.I. can drag you down to 20th place. While the single player mode is fun, Blur really excels in the multiplayer department. Bizarre takes the leveling and skill point formula used by such FPS’s as Call of Duty and implements them very well. Even if your not a fan of racing games, Blur definitely deserves a rental. 8.5/10