Is Jay-Z Going at Dame Dash and LL Cool J on “I Get Money” Remix?

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By: Rizoh

      On the recently leaked “I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix),” Jay-Z dropped a couple of subliminal disses that got heads talking. Was Hov going at LL Cool J when he rhymed, “I’m already the GOAT next stop is the Billy”?

LL, who named one of his albums GOAT, has been spewing some words of resentment towards Jay ever since he took over as Def Jam president.


      And it’s hard to contend that this line wasn’t directed at Dame Dash: “When I flipped Rocawear, I told ‘em gimme mine in cash, yeah, checks might bounce. Alphabet boys might check my accounts.”

      As we reported back in April, Dame ran into trouble with the IRS and consequently filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against his accountant Barry Klarberg for bungling years’ worth of tax returns.


  1. I support jay-z against LL Cool J fully. I don’t support him against dame dash. He should leave dame alone after everything they both went through

  2. I rides with the cat Jay on this one.
    And to my boy J.A.E up there, you can’t say nothing like when Dame Dash was his own disaster he killed himself.
    ANd the way he tried to play the boy Jay too was ill and then look at what happened.
    Bullshit only attracts more bullshit.
    And how can nayone not like the boy Jay?and not just the music I mean because I only listen to his hits but that cat got his hands in alot of shit right now.
    Live and Learn

  3. I see a few people hatin on my man jay but who da fuck r u to be hatin cuz I bet if he was n ya face u would be ass kissin so save da bull and stop hatin on da man give props to where credit is due…feel me. Its da roc bitches.

  4. Hey ponyboy and nawshis radio fuck yall LL is on the fritz and dame a broke ass nigga dont be mad and dude making money and hits and u all aint doin shit.Oh and ponyboy go to church or sum shit.

  5. Males shouldn’t be jealous. That’s a female trait. What you mad cuz you sell dimes and he move weight….lol All this is is LL mad cuz Jay came in as president. A spot that probly should have been his in his eyes. Especially after he spent the last 20 years there. But he fails to see that Jay ran his own label and experience is the best teacher. LL need to get off that. He gone hurt himself. As far as Dame goes. I don’t really see that as a diss. He just tellin how he avoided that trap. Besides, Jay just bailed him outta that trouble. He paid that man’s debt!

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