Is the Jim Jones/Cam’ron Beef a Publicity Stunt?

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By: Rizoh

      Last weekend, Jim Jones confirmed what we already knew—that the Dipset crew has placed Cam’ron on time-out. Jones, who claimed he hadn’t spoken to Cam in one year, also said he would stop by Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show to elaborate on the situation. He eventually backed down from the interview at the last minute. His reason? Well, according to Hot 97’s Miss Info, Duke da God and other Dipset members are now slated to appear on Flex’s show Tuesday night. Instead of discussing the Cam’ron feud, Jones wants them to utilize the platform to promote their new album, Duke Da God Presents: More Than Music Vol.2.

      Is this Dipset’s way of drawing attention to their new album? Or is the feud so explosive that Farrakhan is on the phone with both Cam and Jim trying to resolve the issue in private?

      It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes to light. We’ll keep you posted…


  1. Nah that shit real from Jimmy’s prospective he just can’t do shit because Cam owns his fucking logos and probably his name plus copyrights. Anyway you be pissed if that nigga getting u into mad beefs not with lil niggas but CEO’s/rap kings and shit. Industry wise they in a fucking corner right now because of Cam Nas, 50, Jay this dudes are giants and dipsets on Koch, Asylum? Now killa rumored to be naming his new album Courtesy Curtis what the fuck is going on in pink suits mind!

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