It’s Swizz… Well You Know the Rest

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By Will “Deshair” Foskey


       We, at feel that our readers should know the truth… Swizz Beatz is a Monster. We want you to understand that Swizz’s talents go far and beyond his energetic adlibs, lung collapsing drum patterns and band-like horns that would make a referee at a college football game, swallow his whistle on impact.


     We, at would like for you to know that your favorite rapper, just might have a bit of gratitude to fork over in Swizz’s direction. If you were on some “New York Shit” a year ago, Busta Rhymes tore the track apart, but Swizz already had the song completed before Busta placed his lyrical ingenuity upon it. There’s a long list of hits with the same story behind them. Get to know this dude; Swizz Beatz is a problem.


     On June 5, 2007, Swizz will release his latest creation, and solo effort, “One Man Band Man.” His current single, It’s Me Bitches, is catching fire on Urban radio and has become a fan favorite online. And the remix featuring R. Kelly, Lil’ Wayne & Jadakiss is doing severe damage in the clubs and on the blocks. So the question is: now that Swizz steps behind the microphone for a full on effort, what do you think of his chances for worldwide success? If his previous hits for other artists aren’t good enough for you to take notice to his musical prowess, I don’t know what else will…


You’re known for your production skills, but is often overlooked lyrically. If you could control the perception that people have of you, in which direction would you take them?


Swizz Beatz: I want for people to look beneath the lyrics. So many people like to look down on a situation from the skyscrapers. But they don’t pay attention to the people inside of the building who are keeping the lights on. I would just want for people to take my messages seriously.


You are often the mind behind many of the hits that you place your stamp on. Talk about a few of the songs that may have started out being your creation, but you handed it over to one of your clients.


Swizz Beatz: Most of the songs like ‘I’m a Hustler’, ‘Bring’em Out’, ‘New York Shit’, ‘Touch It’… all of those songs were potential songs for my album.


Name a few of the artist that you have recently clocked in studio time with?


Swizz Beatz: I’ve worked with Chris Brown, Eve, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Weezy, Kanye’, just a lot of people. Oh, I can’t forget Usher and Nelly (Who both have projects slated for a 2007 release).


One Man Band Man is on its way. When you started recording the album, describe what was going on in you life at that time.


Swizz Beatz: Just the same everyday things. I didn’t go into this with the intentions of doing the album. There wasn’t any pressure on me, so it was fun. I just placed a few songs together and from there I found my single. I recorded ‘It’s Me Bitches’ on my birthday (August 30), drunk in the studio. I didn’t want to go to the club that night. I’m glad that I made the decision to stay in the studio.


I had the pleasure of attending your listening session earlier this year. Honestly, how do you feel a majority of the attendees assessed your album?


Swizz Beatz: I don’t usually judge my audiences at that type of session, because a lot of journalists tend to keep their game-face on the entire time. I would think that I put the nail in the wall with an amazing record and then I’d read their review like, “Damn, they only gave me 2 stars?” He just told me that I influenced the hell out of him on some music shit. I may get offended for a little while, like a half hour, but then I’ll keep it moving. It’s just that person’s opinion, and I have to respect it. But as far as answering your question, I thought that people were surprised. Most of them probably thought that it would be a compilation. They probably thought that I was going to do all of my beats, but I just wanted to step out of that. I wanted for this album to focus on my story. I know what people were expecting. They were waiting for DMX to pop out of nowhere; they expected to hear Jay-Z all over my shit. But I chose to save collaborations for the remixes. I felt like I accomplished my first mission in stepping outside of the comfort zone that others had for me, to prove them otherwise. We did a tally for the event, and I scored an 80%. So I can’t be mad at that.


In closing…


Swizz Beatz: I’ll like to send love out to all of the fans for being a fan of my music without even knowing it. I’ve had the opportunity of living through so many well established and popular artists, so I’ll like to send love out to them as well.


“One Man Band Man” hits shelves on June 5, 2007 a.k.a. J.5.07



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