J. Period vying for mixtape dominance

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      J. Period burst onto the scene in 2003 and is now making major moves in the mixtape game being nominated for “Best Mixtape DJ” and “Best Underground Mixtape DJ” in Justo’s 2006 Mixtape Awards.(VOTE HERE: themixtapeawardsonline).

Sometimes confused with producers Shawn J. Period or DR Period, J. Period is making a name for himself through his excellent “Best of…” mixtape series featuring Nas, Big Daddy Kane, The Roots, Isley Brothers and his super smash hit, Lauryn Hill. But sometimes it isn’t so easy getting artists, like Lauryn Hill, to participate in creating the mixtape.

      “I think it goes back to me starting out doing this because I loved it,” J. said. “I feel like a lot of artists that otherwise people can’t get access to, have given me access because it’s clear that I’m doing this for the right reasons. I’m not trying to take advantage of anyone or that I’m out here trying cake off of these people. I genuinely really appreciate their music and I think that comes across in the CDs.”

      J. Period’s success comes with not only selecting songs everyone knows, but also getting those rarely heard, overseas versions of songs that are hard to come by. Plus with his signature blends and remixes, Period doesn’t create your average mixtape.

      “I like to make an album out of a mixtape,” he said. “I’m not just putting songs together in one place, I really want it to flow and be an experience. That’s my approach to it, so every time out the box, I’m trying to make something classic.”

      While Period is in negotiations for several upcoming projects, possibly including an album of his own, his next mixtape, The Best of Mary J. Blige drops next month. For a catalog of is projects, check his website jperiod.