Ja Rule’s Contractor Drops Lawsuit for Fear of Safety

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By: Rizoh

      A contractor who claimed that Ja Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) stiffed him for $8,000 has now dropped the criminal complaint, telling a judge that he was concerned for his family’s safety. Apparently, he just learned out about Ja’s weapons charge.

      “People are asking me, do you know what you are doing?” said the contractor Joel Tobia to a municipal court judge for Bergen County. “I have two children. I am concerned. I hope you are reading between the lines.” The judge replied, “It’s not my job to read between the lines” and proceeded to grant the contractor’s request for the suit to be dismissed.

      As we reported earlier, Ja Rule hired Tobia to fix a leak at his $3.5 million mansion. Tobia and six of his men reportedly completed the project within three days, devoting 150 hours of manpower to the job. After presenting Ja Rule with a $13,000 invoice for the work, the 31-year old rapper allegedly paid Tobia $5,000 and refused to pay the remaining $8,000.

       Ja’s legal representative, Brian Neary, said the matter was never a criminal case to begin with. “It was a simple dispute between a contractor and a homeowner,” he told The Bergen County Record. “They happen all the time. Just because Jeffrey is a celebrity doesn’t change the basic argument.”

      My question is, who in the world would be afraid of little ol’ Jeffrey?


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