Jack Harlow Taps Pooh Shiesty for “SUVs (Black on Black)”

2 months ago view-show 3,960

He’s fresh off his hit collab with Lil Nas X.

When you are as talented as Jack Harlow, you can pivot very quickly. Less than two weeks ago, Harlow was proving his popstar potential on “Industry Baby.” Come yesterday, he’s back making club anthems. On his latest single, “SUVs (Black on Black),” Harlow flaunts his success while delivering bar after bar of slick rhymes. Pooh Shiesty drops a crazy second verse, debatably outshining Harlow on his own track and dropping his patented “Blrrrd Blrrrd” a few times. Don’t miss this brand new hit single.

Listen to “SUVs (Black on Black)” below: