Jadakiss Talks Bow Wow Collaboration, New LOX Album, Jay-Z And More

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Being from New York, I have nothing but respect for Jadakiss.  The dude spits some lethal bars and is in almost every rapper’s Top 5 these days.  Sitting down with Karen Civil yesterday, Jada discussed the possibility of the world finally seeing the long awaited LOX album in 2011.  “Getting the music done is the easy part,” said Jada.  “We haven’t dropped an album in ten years, [and] the contracts is like crazy and the whole industry is different” explained Jada, pointing out that there’s still moves to be made from a business standpoint.  No word on if Diddy is still on board with the project or if those deals have been called off.

The interview shifts towards what’s been making “the internet [bug] out” which of course is his newfound ghostwriting career for Lil Bow Wow.  You may remember Bow Wow claiming that he’s “challenging” himself by working with an artist like Jadakiss for his next release, Who Is Shad Moss?, but it sounds like he’s more likely to challenge his bank account to pay for Jada to write some bars.  I can’t knock the hustle; it’s always good to see an artist like Jada getting paid, besides he’s one-hundred percent correct when he says, “it’s a business.”  ‘Kiss goes on to say it’s “all love” between him and Jay-Z and that Mr. Carter hooked him up with backstage passes for his Yankee Stadium concert.  Other topics discussed in the short interview include how Jadakiss felt about the response to his Last Kiss album as well as why Styles P isn’t looking to sign to a major label.