Jaden Smith & G-Star Raw Unite For Clothing Campaign

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Welcome to “Forces Of Nature”.

Jaden Smith is an enigma. A kid raised around the Hollywood lifestyle, thanks to his otherworldly successful parents, Jaden has been able to absorb and synthesize his surroundings into a fascinating entertainment career. Jaden’s multi-hyphenate abilities have lent themselves to the big screen–on such films as The Pursuit of Happiness and The Karate Kid–, of course, behind the mic, and most recently, to the fashion stage.

Uniting with G-Star Raw, Jaden has unveiled his newest collaboration with the famed urban outfitter. Embodying Jaden’s eccentric style–one that is agnostic to fads or a “hypebeast” mentality–is a difficult task, as, much like himself, it cannot be anchored to one feel or aesthetic. After all, this is the same kid who once wore a batman costume to Kanye and Kim’s wedding. But the G-Star family are strong proponents of embracing someone’s unique identity, and doing their best to accent that through a story sutured together by fabric and stitching.

Dubbed the “Forces of Nature” campaign, G-Star Raw and Jaden revealed the collaboration through a 50-second trailer, showing an unaffected Jaden donning variations of mutilated denim with intentionally crudely patched-on murals. Various imagery–like rushing waterfalls, a blinding sun, the vastness of peering out from a mountain’s summit–are interspersed throughout the video, reflecting the various “forces of nature” that Jaden manifests in the clothing lines.

Consistent with Jaden’s outlook and agenda, his new G-Star line isn’t only fashion-forward, it’s practical in regards to environmental awareness. Reflecting his environmentally-conscious mind– the same mind that started an ethically-sourced and bottled water company, Just Water–Jaden’s “Forces Of Nature” campaign is broken-down into multiple colorways.

In his words, it can be explained as such:

Water: The Blue Colorway is designed to channel Earth’s most powerful resource, water. G-Star uses the first ever Cradle to Cradle Certified denim fabric to capture the sustainability and cleanliness of the world’s most abundant element in a way that presents zero risk for both people and the planet. It’s made up of 100% organic cotton and a dye that uses 70% less chemicals than typical denim.

Earth: The Ecru Colorway uses no dyes at all, making the fabric completely recyclable and probably feels fantastic on your skin. Eclipse: The Black Colorway is said to be the most dramatic of the line, representing G-Star’s holistic approach with the brand’s most sustainable black denim that they’ve ever developed.

While we wait for the official “Forces of Nature” unveiling, watch the G-Star Raw trailer below: