James Bond Inspired Concept Jet

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Design Q, a popular name in the field of futuristic aircraft design, is known for its innovative concepts. Now the UK-based aircraft asset manager, Falko, and leading UK design consultancy, Design Q, are all set to unveil their fifth design of Avro Business Jet (ABJ) with James Bond as the inspiration.

The hidden gadgets/technology used in the furniture is inspired by the James Bond films. According to Gary Doy, director of Design Q:

“The ABJ Q challenges preconceived ideas of what constitutes luxury in a business jet interior.

The lounge at the front has all the controls that allow the owner to change the cabin settings. The sofas in the aircrafts have detachable back rests that show the deconstructed nature of the interior. There are hidden monitors and a refreshment centre embedded in the bulkheads.

The fifth design emphasizes on the office environment while travelling hence has a centre of the cabin dedicated to an open-plan office. The aircraft is equipped with all kinds of lighting and office area is fixed with the focus lights for the convenience. To an addition to this, flatpanel lights are designed to deliver a full ‘daylight’ working environment.

The office area is fully equipped with the gadgets like printers, computers and additional pop-up monitors for the hassle-free conferences. The aircraft is also equipped with a safe system to keep the important documents under surveillance. The safe can only be opened with the finger print recognition. The fifth design Q Avro Business Jet (ABJ) concept is truly a breakthrough in the field of futuristic aircraft designs.”

Via: Design Q