Jacquees is Hot New Hip Hop’s Latest “Freestyle Session” Participant

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The R&B artist gives new meaning to “freestyle”.

Hot New Hip Hop has made a strong push into original content. On top of their “How To Roll” series, where guests come on to roll a blunt and tell various stories, they’ve also started a musical series entitled, “Freestyle Sessions”. With a wide range of guests to date, including Trae The Truth and OMB Peezy, they’re aiming for an eclectic roster, and their most recent participant, Jacquees, helps further that initiative.

Known for his R&B crooning skills, Jacquees doesn’t scream “freestyle candidate,” but he surprisingly delivered an almost three-minute powerful offering donned in an soulful R&B cloak. He uses the platform to demonstrate his innate singing ability, as well as his penchant for delivering love tales.

Watch Jcaquees’ “Freestyle Session” video below: