Jay Wants Own Z-Unit

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      We hear Jay has been huddling with Reid’s rival, Warner Music Group head Lyor Cohen, to talk about starting his own label – tentatively called the Carter Music Group. (Jay’s real name is Aaron Carter.)


  1. the nigga name is aaron for real dumb ass not shawn stupid fuck. he’s name after his real dad who lives in newport news, VA. that’s where this bitch nigga really grew up at.

  2. seneca last i checked dudes name was shawn cory carter unless thats just a name he made up damn you speak as if you grew up with this dude and he left you and your people broke.

  3. To all those that don’t know his real name is Aaron Carter. He uses Shawn because he doesn’t like Aaron. Actually Shawn is his middle name. Many actors have a stage name. Will Smith his first name is Willard. Whoopi Goldberg her real name is Tiffany Jenkins. So on and so forth. Many of you believe what you hear you should actually read it for yourselves.

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