Jay-Z Brings ‘American Gangster’ to VH1

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Jay-Z is gearing up to drop his new album, “American Gangster” on November 6, a thematic album inspired by the Denzel Washington film of the same name. Over the weekend, Jigga taped an episode of VH1’s Storytellers show called “VH1 Storytellers: Jay-Z: Life of an American Gangster.”

      Similar to Jay-Z’s MTV Unplugged episode in 2001, the episode features Jay-Z performing tracks from the upcoming album backed by a 12-piece band. Jay will also share the inspiration and stories behind each track. Look for the episode to air on November 8 on VH1. Here’s the tracklisting to “American Gangster:”




American Dreamin’

Hello Brooklyn 2.0 ft. Lil Wayne

No Hook

Roc Boys


I Know

Party Life

Ignorant Sh*t ft. Beanie Sigel


Success ft. Nas


Blue Magic

American Gangster


  1. well im still waiting on kingdom come but in the mean time, why did he name the album american gansta if you know what i mean. i had jay albums when him and dame was out the trunk in jersey. know body really knew his work. this new joint though reminds me of the old jay. no wut i mean.

  2. ok ok ok da nigga can flow his ass off but shouldnt we agree that this nigga is a lil too old and too rich to still be talking about flippin birds or whatnot jeezy or jay z? and when is he gon start spittin that shit again? he put a nice line or 2 together but he not killin shit as a jay fan i been disappointed lately

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