Jay Z Goes Out to Eat

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Yeah very slow gossip day today..but turns out Justin Timberlake’s new restaurant in NYC is getting its fair share of a list clientele rolling through. Jay Z and the Rev Al Sharpton got their grub on at Southern Hospitality this week. Jay really needs to work on his face though..I mean what is that look for?


  1. Damn SkyBlue…..HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEH. About Justins restaurant….How can niggas support this dude after he put Janet Jackson on blast?Why does Jigga roll with more whites than blacks? Why is Al Sharpton supporting more white people? Why do blacks accept whites that act like they down for so easily? FUCK JUSTIN TIMBERFAKE!!!!!!

  2. Ayyo Jigga Nigga drop some left overs for that DMX nigga… I bet his scronny-poor-black-ass gon start yapping that it ain’t gangsta eating out in a resturant!!!

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