Jay Z is the Daddy

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Well looks like Hov has a new mouth to feed, even though he has been hitting baby momma Shenelle Scott with 4 gs a month, you know once this becomes official it will be a whole lot more. There is supposed to be an official statement made some time soon by Jay Z  ….not waiting on that but if you check out the Hip-Hop Weekly, yeah the Hip-Hop gossipers guide founded by none other than Dave Mays and Benzino (Source destroyers)  they are supposed to have proof of the 4 gs a month Def Jam’s front man is paying. Well I guess what you created goes to the bankruptcy courts it is only fair that you try to encourage the downfall of others.

Young ‘Ye Addicted to Porn?

      Well according to his Momma’s book turns out the Louis Vuitton Don was like any other young man..addicted to the naked ladies. Gotta love him for this though..turns out when he was in Fifth grade he took an adult mag to school..you know how you do when you are that age, you the man when she let your boys take a peek…well anyway when he got caught and questioned about where the mag came from, Kanye said he got it from his Mothers closet. Sounds like the title of her book ‘Raising Kanye’ has a double meaning to me.