Jay-Z, JD to contribute to Usher album

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      After a stint of a year or so doing the Chicago Broadway thing as Billy Flynn, Usher ready to finish up an album and get it to the masses next summer. In a quick interview with MTV News, Usher just isn’t happy with what he’s hearing nowadays.

      "I feel it’s about time for me to come out with an album," Usher told MTV News. "I’m not extremely enthused about where music has gone. I say that coming from listening to artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson — those great artists and iconic musicians. I feel music is at a standstill."

      As with his previous albums Jermaine Dupri and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis will handle the bulk of the production with contributions from Dre & Vidal and Robin Thicke. Usher said that he and Jay-Z will also have a song together on the album. To whet your appetite, you can listen to Usher-influenced R&B through One Chance, a group that R&B star signed to his Us Records imprint.