‘Jena 6’ Teen Arrested After Another School Fight

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      Bryant Purvis was charged with one count of assault causing bodily injury for fighting with a fellow student at his high school in Texas.

      An 18-year-old student told authorities two males approached him and asked if he had flattened the tires of "their homeboy’s" car, according to an affidavit supporting the arrest warrant.

      The student said he didn’t, but the two told him they didn’t believe him and walked away.

      Purvis, he said, approached him from behind immediately afterward, then grabbed him with one hand and began to choke him.

"Purvis continued to choke [the student] and told him, ‘Don’t you ever mess with my car again,’" the affidavit said. "Purvis then pushed his head into the seating area of the bench," causing the student to strike his left eye, then walked away.

Come on people….  SMH



  1. ok so this kid choked another kid becuz he thought they dind’t believe him? and he slammed the other kids face against a bench? (ouch) This is fucked up cuz now the police are gonna wanna through the boy in jail because he got away with Jena case. The police are gonna wanna see him in jail now. That’s messed up.


  2. AINT NOBODY FUCKIN SNITCHIN — THIS DUMB ASS just don’t know when he’s got it good. He got all these leaders backin him up, Al Sharpton & crew, got all this media press – muthafucka pro’lly got a damn full-ride college scholarship after all that shit, but here this DUMB BiTCH gotta get in another damn fight. MUTHAFUCKA JUST BEGGIN TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THE SYSTEM.

  3. Teenagers do make mistakes and demonstrate poor judgement. This young man is no different. But I agree, because of the jena case and protest that came along with it he will be held to a higher standard by an already unjust legal system.

  4. First of all people in general need to think with there head first and stop reacting first.Haven’t this young man learned this yet,violence never solves anything.He was giving a blessing,so please my African-American brother please start using your brain and not oyur brawn,we know you have that letd see brain from here on out.

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