Jim Jones Shot?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Not quite sure if this is true, but word is the DipSet capo got caught in some crossfire in Harlem yesterday…hopefully Jim Jones didnt and he is making his way to the Hot 97 studio to tell Felx just what REALLY is going on with Dipset.

Fifty Disses Master P

      He just cant stop can he…turns out Curtis is now laughing at the fact that Master P is now refraining from using profanity in his lyrics as Hip-Hop turns on itself. This is what he said yesterday at the BET nominations presentation yesterday:

      "Are you familiar with politics? Are you familiar with the President’s No. 2 man? You’re familiar with him resigning based on him using, maybe what we’d call a dating service? Maybe he’s hanging out with hoes that we mention in the music. If that doesn’t make you aware of a situation that exists…."Music is a mirror, and hip hop is a reflection of the environment that we grew up in. It’s the harsh
realities that end up in the music. If I ask you to paint a picture of the American flag and not use the color red, you’re gonna have a difficult time. To capture what we try to capture in the art form, I’m sure some conservative Americans can’t [identify] with it because of their lifestyle and the way they’ve actually been brought up, and they
haven’t been exposed to those realities."

      "Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore," 50 said calmly, which caused
the room full of reporters to burst out laughing. "You can tell him I
said it. Cameras is rollin’ right? …’Curtis,’ June 26."


  1. I’m can never understand why would a group of so called gangstars call them selves Dipset.Maybe they wasn’t smart enough to think about another name. dumb ass nonthinking ass rapper. G unit up Dipset down or chickenset.

  2. nigga wat the fuck wrong wit you if i know who you were i’d kill you mother and little sister fo dat bullshit you talking!!!!!!!! DON’T LET ME FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE

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