Jimmy don’t own the Dips

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By:  Hot Gossip Gal

Nor does Freekey..nor does Juelz…allegedly the Diplomat brand is co-owned by Cam’Ron and this producer from uptown who has worked on a lot of Dipset stuff…Darrell "Digga" Branch..if anyone would like to throw light on this please do as for once I am feeling kinda in the dark…where has this dude crawled out from now …especially when shit is bad..you expect it when things are good but not like everything is a bed of roses up town right now.


  1. who thought jimmy owned the dips???? i thought everybody knew that was cam’ron $h!t! jimmy always been that sidekick…until his fan base started catching cam’s…and he aint even suppose to be a rapper that $h!t was a flook…

  2. He only stated that he owned it…that to me means he hasn’t been sweating it, I know the history on these dudes and we’re all from Harlem. He stopped messing with Cam a long time ago because he wasn’t feeling him. The Dips are OVER so I’m sure he’s not coming out now about money. He’s just airing them dudes out, putting a dagger in they coffins. I looked him up and he still got alot of stuff going on so lets just see what happens

  3. the dips are going to be in the medieval times for a long ass while. I fuck wit everyone in dipset but freeky zeke that nigga annoying as hell. I dont even like hatein it’s out of my character but that nigga is a leech.and jimmy and juelz will be o.k. juelz can rap and jimmy got half of the hood dressin like him.

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