Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown Link on “I Don’t Die”

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Lucas and Breezy provide sonic energy on their latest single from Angels & Demons.

Representing radically different styles that serendipitously collaborate rather than creating an aesthetic divide, Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas are preparing for the joint album release, Angels & Demons. With Joyner’s pensive lyrics conveyed by his quick-tongued, varied flows juxtaposed by Breezy’s velvety crooning skills, this album is primed for a fascinating listening experience. With one elucidation of what’s to come with their already-released track, “Stranger Things”, this anecdote bodes well for the overall collaboration. Today, they’ve continued piquing interest by releasing the album’s second single, “I Don’t Die”.

While Joyner is heralded as a dense rhymer who’s constantly refining his vocal cannon, and Brown is known as the smooth singer, Breezy heeds Lucas’ lead by assuming the quick-spitter flow on his verse, supplementing his own traditional enchanting hook.

Listen to Joyner and Chris Brown’s new single, “I Don’t Die”, below: