Juelz To Appear In Court Today

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     Juelz is expected to appear in municipal court in New Jersey  today after police pulled him over for driving with a suspended license and found marijuana and hollow-point bullets in his Bentley.

      Santana, aka La Ron James, was arrested last week as he approached the entrance of his home in the gated Glenpointe community in Teaneck.

"This is bull—-," Santana yelled when pulled over

     Abraham said he smelled marijuana and saw a green leafy substance on the center console as well as marijuana roaches and Dutch Master and White Owl cigars used to make blunts.

       Santana, who was born in Harlem, also had a hand-rolled cigar laced with marijuana in his shoe, cops said.

       In the trunk, police said they found 29 hollow-point bullets wrapped in a sock and $19,500 rolled in small bundles and hidden in a plastic bag filled with "hundreds of Jolly Rancher" candies.

      Police also found a plastic sandwich bag of marijuana in the backseat of the cruiser, where Santana had been sitting after he was arrested.


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