Jurassic 5 Has Left the Building

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By: Rizoh

      Cut Chemist’s exit was the smoking gun that signaled some internal rumbles within the Jurassic 5 camp. (Chali 2Na and Marc 7even later walked away from the group.) But who could’ve guessed that the west coast collective was headed for splitsville?

      Over the weekend, the crew announced on BBC-1xtra that they are to part ways after 14 years in the rap game. Their manager cited “musical differences” as the reason for the split.

      Zaakir (aka Soup) hinted at the breakup in an interview with Australia’s Gold Bust Bulletin a month before it was made official. “Some people may say it’s a creative thing, but I’m not buying it,” said Zaakir.

      “Some might say business, some might say merchandising, whatever, there’s some really stupid sh*t – some really childish things – happening.”

      J5 had been together since 1992. They garnered critical praise for their no frills musical style, obviously inspired by old school hip-hop.

      Their last album, 2006’s Feedback, peaked at No.15 on Billboard 200 and churned hits like “Red Hot” and “Work it Out.”

      I guess they couldn’t “Get It Together.”