Justin Bieber Was Sonning Guards At The BET Awards

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bieberI`m not sure why Justin even attended the BET awards but it seems that he`s definitely on his super star swag, this is how TMZ reported it:
Bieber — who was a presenter at the award show — and his squad being stopped at the door last weekend. It appears one of Justin’s bodyguards did NOT have a ticket … and while both sides argued, Biebs eventually interrupted by saying, “I need to bring my security! This guy’s a douche bag.”

Everyone on Team Bieb ended up getting into the show — and a BET rep downplayed the incident … saying, “It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials.”

There`s even video of Justin in action to peep that click here

Damn dont mess with the Biebs, especially if you dont wanna get sonned!